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Choice Fabricators, Inc. in Rainbow City, AL a high-volume metal forming and finishing supplier to the automotive, electronics and appliance industries, has recently installed a completely remanufactured Littell conventional feed line from Pneumatic Feed Service, Inc. . Choice Fabricators recently acquired a Minster P2-200-72 press and needed to outfit the press with a feed line. During these tough economic times, Choice Fabricators required a reliable used feed line that would give them the same benefits as a new feed line without having to allocate the cost of buying new. Pneumatic Feed Service provided the solution. The feed line supplied to Choice Fabricators handles coil widths up to of 36” and 15,000 lbs. in weight and is designed to process light-gauge coil roll steel up to .090” x 36” wide and .125” thick by 12” wide. 

Features include a completely rebuilt Littell Production Master Servo Feed with recoated feed rolls, new cabinet base with adjustable custom pass line height and a new INDRAMAT servo drive and control package featuring Indramat’s latest VCP-08 HMI. Also included in the line was a completely rebuilt Littell Production Master powered straightener outfitted with a new Allen Bradley Power Flex 700 programmable AC Inverter Drive and controls package controlled by an Allen Bradley laser loop control. Coils are handled by a remanufactured Littell 15,000 lb single-end coil reel with hydraulic threading, hydraulic mandrel expansion and coil hold down (restrictor) arm. For staging and loading, the system features a traveling coil load car with powered traverse and powered 18” vertical lift to handle coils up to 72” O.D. To complete the feed line, Pneumatic Feed Service provided an exit threading table customized to Choice Fabricators supplied specifications. The supplied feed line comes with Pneumatic Feed Service’s Gold Seal of approval and a one year parts and labor warranty complete.

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